The Fire


I won’t talk about the fire
when I’m in it
rage, inferno
you. won’t. burn. Me.

I don’t focus on the fire
all consuming
to dust I turn
don’t. think. Me. dead.

I cannot run from the fire
steel is forged here
sharp, steady, blade
you. can’t. wield. Me.



I have seen a thousand million men
Standing face to face for miles upon miles
Erect like dominoes (unaware of the eminent fall)
All projecting into the other – their thoughts
Passing down in procession from one to the next
Each made accountable as they grow and distort in stature
A thousand million men – all created by the thoughts of others
And none remembering themselves – Save One
He stands off to the side, facing outward and away
Looking upon the deep nothingness of his clear mind
He does not notice the stones that come hurling – often
With heavy intent and burdensome nonsensical “truths”
They vanish into his void becoming as he Is – Empty
And it is only from within this space that he can truly Create
Something Beautiful….. Himself!


Everything ever created had risen
to the surface of my mind and churned
there in a hot rumbling noiseless rage.
And I couldn’t un-hear it! Blaring
incessantly it choked my sanity,
turning the thin layer of peace
that clung to the surface into a boiling
chum, and all those bottom dwellers
feasted upon it as though it be life itself.
All that I had gathered and harbored
and kept in the deep had come to
reap the harvest of my vision and
it would only be in this destruction
that understanding would find me
well aware of what it was I had done.
And it was for a long time that I suffered
with those creations. But my vision became
clear as I looked back at the reckoning and
knew it was my own. Only then would I come to
understand the power of my Being and the
wisdom of my vision. All those manifestations
played themselves out and then slowly
dissipated leaving me back in a purer state of

i stop time in the Now so i may travel from a place of Knowing.

time is a construct by which we measure change
it can be greatly effected by hyper focusing desire
the tricky part is that in order to understand desire
you must experience change, therefore time
the constructs of time can be thinned to a sheer veil
through the intensity by which you focus on the Now
yet many are bypassing the Now for the visions of the
past or future. but once you become hypervigilant
to the present, you gain the power to see through the
veil and the possibilities within every given moment are
revealed to you in such a way that desire begins
to flow causing you to track with time the movements
of your life in a more conscious and deliberate way

i bend all the rules in the Now, and i jump all the tracks created by others that do not serve Me. this is a powerful way to Be.

Beauty in Death – it’s the frost that reddens the vine

the rain on the windowpane distorts the view
those fall hues melt and drip together
while the storm rolls across the glass
outside Nature creates beauty from the dying
how can one so bright and fierce be struck in Spirits wake
to grow and bloom and vibrate with the energy of Life
yet then rescind back into dormancy as if dead
we can Be like leaves that spin and toil the day away in
happy respite then fade and turn, and drop once more from sleep

Path of Confusion

Walking lonely down the path
Winding through the willows; weeping
Weeping willows bending reaching
Yearning for some unsung wrath

Singing, weeping, willows breaching
Longing, aching, bending, breaking
Always wishing, never waking
Heart unfolding, life beseeching

Walking lonely down the path
Swaying like the willows; weeping
Dancing while the heart is seeping
Red leaves racing home at last

Awakened to the Shadow World

The me you see is but a shadow of that which I Am.
As I dance upon the screen, the very image of life
is but my story, and me the puppet, playing out in time.
In amazement I watch as it rolls before my eyes, and I,
the spectator, appear before Myself, as though small,
(a creation of Myself in Mine Own Minds Eye). Yet,
the moment arrived when My shadow hesitantly
turned and witnessed Myself as I Am ~ THE ONE WHO SHINES!
Now, having turned back once again to the shadow world,
she marvels and delights in madness at that which We see.

Pride’s Illusion

Goethe before the fall they say
Men of might that run astray
Of all the ruins to fall away
Pride will tempt them all!

And through the ashes grey I see
Your words, like daggers drawn on me
And having gashed my heart, oh thee!
For pride must tempt them all!

Yet lying in this pool of red
Emotions flying; flying, fled
And seeing truth as it was said
Oh pride will temp them all!

Burning Bush

I know what it is to be fire.
I have gazed deeply within that
blaze and pondered at its Isness.
I have watched those flames lick
upon the branch with a tenderness
that no righteousness could withstand
leaving all that hardness a milky dust.
Yes, I know what it is to be fire.

I burn just the same.