The Ravening

wolf and lamb 2

I had hidden away that beast
Link by link bound in the dark
The “evil” of which I became afraid
How I once rejoiced in this rapacious
Side of myself, as though
I be a saint in disguise
I could rip and tear away illusion
Like mere reflections on glass
No lie ever withstood my claws
Until I retracted them – or so I thought
The wolf will not be settled or stilled
No more than the lamb will fiercely protect
To deny the one, is to find the other
Slaughtered in the field
Only together will they Be
Whole and Untouched
My untamed beast would have its ravening
Be it me, or the world it freed
Even in darkness its purpose would be wrought
Again and again I felt its pummel
Upon myself – ripping away every false façade
With its thirsty blood drenched jaws
Until Lo – We stood as One unchained

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