I have explored the depths of my illusions
Spelunking those inner caverns
Clinging to my imaginary darkness
As beliefs, like bats unsettled at my presence
Flew like banshees towards the open night
Sirens wailing through the shadows as they fled
Until death found me in the ensuing silence
Beneath all my delusions was a deep emptiness
Out of which I had been pouring Myself all along

You don’t know your power…

The path is laid before you by your mind!
It made the crooked and the straight,
and that devil you thought you could find,
always worked to move you toward your fate.

And all that whimsy talk about a creator,
it was you who listened and decided,
because what you wanted was always greater
then all the worldly knowledge that misguided,

you into a false sense of understanding,
and to keep you slave to what’s been made!
You, like cattle accept your branding,
and the freedom from your life is what you’ve paid!

What will it take to pierce through to your soul,
so you could see YOUR Light that shines into Your World?
It’s not a shaming devil or a god to make you whole,
that Light is YOU! And Your Life from It is unfurled!

A Lovely Girl


The day dawned like any other, the light breaching my window
stirring me from among the covers, snug. The darkness that held me
in my slumber, was at the mercy of the light. As was I. Outside,
winters ice clung upon the trees like crystal gloves. It was a simple day,
like any other. But the path was changing, and the waning of the day brought with it
something new. At dusk the doorbell rang. Anticipation fell away to the smiling face of,
A Lovely Girl.

Her sweetness masked her sarcastic nature. She hid it well, for a time.
And then all bets were off. She cast aside her bashful guise like a coat borrowed.
Beneath the facade, we saw her for the first time. Like a cat in water she was.
Not one to be tamed. But she loved, and was loved.
She fit like a piece of the family puzzle we didn’t know was missing.
She stole away our hearts as we toiled away the days with,
A Lovely Girl.

But the hourglass counted down the moments like a silent thief. Seconds sailed past
too soon and before we realized, they were gone. Time marched forward and summer days waned. I watch from my window as fall brings slumber to the land. Those memories are like covers, snug. They are warm and inviting. Oftentimes I find myself at their mercy. You see, some things are always left lingering, and it’s been set upon our hearts like a fiery brand: the smiling face of,
A Lovely Girl.


For Ariana – My feisty Venezuelan exchange student. ❤

A Generous World

Between 4 and 5 a.m., I endured the riotous voice of fear. Becoming evident that I would not overcome it, I arose, made some coffee and sat quietly in my loft. Outside, the sun began to rise, the roosters called from far off, and the soft sound of sprinklers on the lawn settled me back into a sense of peace. How generous this world is to our sensibilities. I never knew a greater source of suffering than my own undisciplined mind.


How can I take one second,
just one moment of time
and put it into words?
These feelings unravel before me,
they trail out behind me
like some vast chain;
They weigh me down.
I try to find the meaning
but I can’t spell out their
Nuances with my magic.
Those words are lost
like webs that spin and drift away,
caught on some wind,
a single thread thru time.
It catches on some branch
or twisted bough of some dead tree,
and no one ever even knew that it was there.

Manifesting Life

We can pull down beauty from Heaven
That place beyond the stars
It is a pure energy that binds all things
The pulse of life
It has a rhythm and flow that one can rest in
It is the source of All – good and evil
That apple, once eaten, revealed this Truth
And you having been made the master
Get to choose

I have observed the choices being made
All around that beauty ebbs and flows
The chaos and the peace
Some say fighting for control
But that is not what I see
Those colors mix and swirl
Even they create beauty of their own
Behind the label is a master at work
Manifesting life

What rains upon you from heaven
Is it sorrow or joy
You are the one who has called it
Your thoughts preceding what comes
I have manifested beauty and heartache both
Not knowing the measure of my mind
I moved about that ethereal plane in ignorance
As the Source of All made real
Those images I conceived

How grateful can I be for this vision
Standing here Now, at the doorway to All
There is no end to the possibilities
I dance through this world
Knowing that it was always meant for me
My Life is Hers – Hers mine
We are the energy and the Source
Together we are the Great and Mighty
I Am

The Rising

Each mote must float within its space
And every like to each its own must face
And You so being created as such
If longing and desiring is much
Must know and understand in detail
To stay the same yet want will surely fail
There must always be a growing and a reaching
For the risings only garnered by the breaching
Yet the soul that tethers itself to any idol
Will find itself a prisoner of that wile
For the expanding path will always lead away
From those whose choice in stagnate waters stay
But You who’ve learned to think in all directions
Will find the power that masters ALL reflections


All truth lays hidden in your mind
Be it bad or be it good – it is there
Conceiving itself as a seedling, forming
Until birth into the very existence of your life
And you perceiving it – judge it –
The very thing that you made
Without realizing that it was you
Who formed and created it
And I have noticed that most
Take credit for all they deem as good
But instead place blame for all they deem as bad
And in doing so – give all their power away

Two Mirrors

“There are two mirrors in which you may observe yourself. One is of this world, created by mans voracious appetite for gain. It leads to a false image of safety and security, and is easily shattered time and time again.

But the Other Mirror –

The Other is the image of Truth, revealing always the essence of who you are. It stretches back through time and makes known to you your Source and your oneness with the Creator. It is only in this reflection of yourself that you will ever find the way to your true purpose and happiness. You, Childe, waver between the two mirrors, and once you stop wavering, all illusions will fall away and you will see yourself as you truly are.”

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.
1 Corinthians 13:12

Dying Embers

I allowed myself to be changed by other people’s ideas of appropriateness, and I burned beneath their heavy opinions.

They did not glow brighter for my complicity.

Dying embers do nothing to fan the flames of greatness within anyone.