An Amusing Cat Story

I woke up this morning with a large case of dread
And I jumped with start and flew right out of bed
While standing there dumbly with crust in my eye
I cracked open the curtain and looked up at the sky
Above my stained window a loud vulture flew
As it circled a carcass that lay dusted with dew
And nary a thought did enter my head
‘for that big bird dived down laying into the dead
And I screeched when I saw that fur plucked away
An eyeball tossed high in the tall grass it lay
When a second fowl creature made its descent
More pieces and bits of scattered cat went
And I dropped like a fly descending on shit
Banging my head on the wall as I hit
That high carpet shag did not grace my fall
Still I rose to my knees and was able to crawl
Down the hall I did go rising up to my feet
First a walk then a run barely skipping a beat
And there on the sofa my old black cat lay
Upon seeing me yawned as if mocking the fray
And he jumped from his spot in that old dusty chair
Rubbing up on my leg looking up with a stare
And I swear if ever a thing I did know
That fucking damn cat was amused by the show!

Shari Lynn

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