You have to touch the wound

Hurt them in the places that they hide.

All you have to do is see it.
See it and the proper words will flow.
See it and show them that it’s there.
See it and take away the shame.
All you have to do is see it.

But then – You have to touch the wound.

Sequestered Sorrow

Today my heart was heavy and it ached
But I pushed it down and went on
Tomorrow that sorrow will show up in my body
And I will forget that I ever was sad
As I focus my attention on the manifested symptom
Never comprehending the source of the pain
And this is the way that we never do heal
As the body makes for a very fine scapegoat

~~ Your emotions are your compass. They are the means by which you steer yourself along the proper course of your life. But we’ve been conditioned to push them down in order to conform to social norms, and so it is that we, like cattle, are driven. Your bodily aches and pains are the brandings of this world in every place where you have denied Yourself.

My Loves; Where Have You Gone?

I see footprints still where non should be,
and voices leaving echoes in the air for
none but me. I can feel your touch from
days gone by; my heart still feels your laughter,
and your subtle cry. I have walked among the
ashes of my fleeting youth, and in those dying
embers I see fragments of a truth.

I have turned away in anger and dismay. I
have mourned my own hearts loss, and
felt the sting of your betray. I have walked
the darkness of my own guilt, and questioned
choices made in angers wake. I have felt
regret for those I’ve lost, and for those I’ve
chosen to forsake.

I feel these moments that hold you still,
though quiet you won’t be. I’ve suffered your
presence warm and subtle like a
passing summers breeze. Through angers
wake or sorrows pride in choices
right or wrong, yet even though you’ve
left this place, your shadows linger on!

Spirit of the Unheard

If you could see beneath the surface of the manifested hostility, you would find a deep pool of rage that has been contemptuously rising within the spirit of the unheard. There is nothing more dangerous than those who will not hear. They are bound to cause a fury that they are unwilling to take responsibility for, and in the aftermath, settle comfortably within the shelter of blame.