Call Back Your Energy

You cannot shoot yourself from turmoil to peace
The best you can do is stand in the silence of neutrality
If you can stop yourself from perpetuating the negativity
And hold firm in that no space of quietude
After a while you will find yourself firmly grounded there
It is from that space that you can begin to aim at peace
From that place all things that have come before – dissolve
You will discover that you can manifest anything from there
But. Getting there requires a certain resolve and dedication
You must let all that has come before go
So you may gather the strength of Yourself –

~ Have you ever considered that you may very well be at this time, what the world has caused you to be? If you can become an empty vessel for long enough, you can recreate yourself anew in Your own image. Where the bible says, god created man in his own image – there is a misrepresentation of that happening in the world. You are a microcosm of God. The image of yourself is either being created by You, or, the world is creating it by all the belief systems you have become enslaved in (Not just religious systems. All systems of belief). Once you have established a centered space of emptiness and peace, the best questions to ask yourself as you recreate Yourself are:

What do I want? (If you have been giving and giving and giving, this one will take some time. Be patient with yourself and keep asking)

Do my beliefs serve my desires? (Do not become a servant to the beliefs of others)

Am I behaving in ways that are conducive to my desires?

What do I have to change about myself in order to get what I want?

If you focus on this with a determination to succeed, the universe will open up paths before you, and the opportunities to shine in the light of Your Own Light will appear. This takes work. You are worth it.

8 thoughts on “Call Back Your Energy

      • Yes I do too. I forgot to tell you one other thing. The 2nd time it happened, Jimmy told me that this was the last time we would see each other this way. He couldn’t continue doing it for whatever reason, I don’t know. It never did happen again

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