Winds of Fate & Destiny

Do we succumb to the winds of fate or mould our fortunes into create and translate?
Or rather do we scrimp and crawl while retching toward some heaven’s gate?
As we voyage through the cosmic seas, do we wage war on the demons of destiny?
I have both bathed in my own blessings, and plundered the grave of my own devilry.
To come to know and love the shadow within my soul chambers allowed the embrace of shadows of others in clear vision to direct my tracks.
No longer do I lose myself in the vividness of the dance, for the Light shines too brightly from behind the illusions cracks.
Paradoxically, souls often greet their destiny on the roads they swerved to circumvent it.
But a master manifester and Creator knows always that what is destined is also holy writ.
For the Divine plan unfolds itself through spectators of the earth,
yet few with Vision see the end from the beginning living backward death to birth.

A collaboration: By Amber {DiosRaw} & Shari {}

4 thoughts on “Winds of Fate & Destiny

  1. Brilliant, except delivery is spelled like I spelled it not devilry. Luckily I spotted it. Now tell me Shari, whose the silly one now. Lol.
    P.S.- yes I finally figured out what devilry means to you.

    Liked by 2 people

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