On Always being Right

I closed my eyes, and she was there,
standing before me in the void.
I reached deep within myself,
into a locked and treasured
recess of my being, and tore out
a ridiculously small heart that
I had vehemently protected
for far too long. I clasped her
wrist, shoving it into her
outstretched palm, “Here!
Take it!” she looked down
at the smallness of it.
“What is this,” she asked,
looking at me in dismay.
“It is ALL the love you ever
gave Me”, I whispered.
Then I turned and walked away
knowing our time together
was complete, and that she
was right when she had said
we would never be friends.

Thinking – Your Sixth Sense!

You have not been taught that this is a sense, and so you do not understand that you do not think up your own thoughts for yourself. Instead, THERE IS AN ENTIRE BROADCAST OF THOUGHT AS AN ENERGY THAT YOUR MIND SENSES. But because you don’t realize this, you believe that these are your thoughts, and that they are truth thoughts. But. THEY ARE MERELY CHOICES! If you have been habitually thinking the same way, then you will attract more and more of the like, and it will manifest in your outer world, and because you then bear witness to THE MANIFESTATION OF YOUR THOUGHT, it CEMENTS ITSELF AS A BELIEF IN YOUR LIFE. But, YOU ARE UNAWARE OF THIS! You think YOUR LIFE IS a happenstance, not A DELIBERATE CREATION on your part. And that is why YOU ARE TRAPPED WITHIN AN ILLUSION OF THOUGHT FED TO YOU BY OTHERS. What I Am saying is serious, and if you pay it great heed and EXAMINE AND EXPLORE IT FOR YOURSELF you will find it to be true. And if little by little, or better yet, by leaps and bounds, you CHALLENGE THOSE THOUGHTS, replacing those thoughts WHEN THEY DO NOT FIT YOUR DESIRE, then the tract of the life that YOU HAVE MADE, will change, AND YOU WILL find the Power needed to MANIFEST THE DESIRES OF YOUR

For those with ears to hear, let them hear.

Another Step

Beneath the gleaning of my soul,
a winter’s icy road does track
the weight of my journey’s tread.
Another step a little nearer, and a little nearer still.

This season ends on that hellish frosts thaw.
These many years where death sought my soul.
Not even sorrow could kill the Light that leads Me.
Another step a little farther, and a little farther still.

I see beyond my reach, a new vision burns.
That glaciered mountain melts before me in its heat.
My thirsty heart is healed by those Living Waters, and She beckons.
Another step a little nearer, and a little farther still!

Matthew 26:39
And after going a little farther, He fell face down and prayed, saying,“My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”

Never Really Gone

I danced upon the moon, and no one noticed.
I climbed upon a star and shot myself like a sling
Across the galaxy very very far – and no one saw.
I blinked an eye and disappeared to a world beyond
And no one asked – where did she go?
Because though I’d left – I was never really gone.

Love Spell

I have created around myself
a barrier of such magnitude,
a pulsating beating living energy
that can only be penetrated by
pure acts of Love, genuinely bestowed
in a manner of good intention.
Anything else will hit upon this wall, and
reverberate back into the nothingness
from which it came, and All will
be aware of its powerless effects.

Yesterday Lingers Still

(a before and happily ever after)

I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows
from angry words.
Her tormentor;
An empty bottle
looming over her.
The broken glass.
The shattered pots.
A green leaf floating slowly down.
Time stops, as it makes its way to the soiled floor
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until the bottle steals away the hour once more.


I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows,
and at first I am afraid.
But then her laughter brings me back.
Soft spoken lullabies.
Scattered toys.
Boo! She yells,
and runs across the crisp clean floor.
A race ensues.
I win, grasping her in my arms
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until her laughter steals away the hour once more.

Die Living

I cannot see from their bent down places
Marred by derision worn placidly on their faces
As if not there though it be masked
They live like stones stopped where their cast
On dusty roads unlit unpaved
These wanton souls whom love has staved
And me unmet here where I’ve stood
Have never found a brotherhood
For I don’t see my way the same
I myself not lost not lame
And so begrudged of them I stand
For not assuming this death this land
I will not continue onward in this way
Or lest I too die living where I lay