i stop time in the Now so i may travel from a place of Knowing.

time is a construct by which we measure change
it can be greatly effected by hyper focusing desire
the tricky part is that in order to understand desire
you must experience change, therefore time
the constructs of time can be thinned to a sheer veil
through the intensity by which you focus on the Now
yet many are bypassing the Now for the visions of the
past or future. but once you become hypervigilant
to the present, you gain the power to see through the
veil and the possibilities within every given moment are
revealed to you in such a way that desire begins
to flow causing you to track with time the movements
of your life in a more conscious and deliberate way

i bend all the rules in the Now, and i jump all the tracks created by others that do not serve Me. this is a powerful way to Be.

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