Never Really Gone

I danced upon the moon, and no one noticed.
I climbed upon a star and shot myself like a sling
Across the galaxy very very far – and no one saw.
I blinked an eye and disappeared to a world beyond
And no one asked – where did she go?
Because though I’d left – I was never really gone.

Love Spell

I have created around myself
a barrier of such magnitude,
a pulsating beating living energy
that can only be penetrated by
pure acts of Love, genuinely bestowed
in a manner of good intention.
Anything else will hit upon this wall, and
reverberate back into the nothingness
from which it came, and All will
be aware of its powerless effects.

Yesterday Lingers Still

(a before and happily ever after)

I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows
from angry words.
Her tormentor;
An empty bottle
looming over her.
The broken glass.
The shattered pots.
A green leaf floating slowly down.
Time stops, as it makes its way to the soiled floor
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until the bottle steals away the hour once more.


I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows,
and at first I am afraid.
But then her laughter brings me back.
Soft spoken lullabies.
Scattered toys.
Boo! She yells,
and runs across the crisp clean floor.
A race ensues.
I win, grasping her in my arms
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until her laughter steals away the hour once more.

Die Living

I cannot see from their bent down places
Marred by derision worn placidly on their faces
As if not there though it be masked
They live like stones stopped where their cast
On dusty roads unlit unpaved
These wanton souls whom love has staved
And me unmet here where I’ve stood
Have never found a brotherhood
For I don’t see my way the same
I myself not lost not lame
And so begrudged of them I stand
For not assuming this death this land
I will not continue onward in this way
Or lest I too die living where I lay

The Gleaning

To those of us who walk by faith, not sight,
Amidst the watching souls, though doubting still,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Their crippled wings do claim from most His flight.
Yet wiser hearts do follow perfect will,
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight.

While treasure sought for gain’s a weary plight,
The Truth is buried in that costly thrill,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Our worlds so slowly spinning out of right,
This gleaning of the soul to He who’ll till
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight.

Self-made fires blaze in a blackened night!
He who devours, pleasures there — until,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

True passion is the wick He does ignite!
In our weakness, His strength He does reveal,
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Power to Create

I have manifested all sorts of energies
The entire spectrum have I crossed
Each step of my own choosing
Every lesson gleaned for the gain
In darkness I found sorrow and reaped compassion
It was there I learned to love myself unconditionally
In light there is joy abounding making charity easy
And I learned that giving was in actuality receiving
I danced in the energies, every one “good and bad”
And there found the power of my soul
I yielded gratitude to the darkness and sorrow became my friend
I bid it well and rode the light back to joy and found bliss
And I came away with a wisdom found only by experience
It was always me. Moving me. I have the power to decide.
Every thought creates a feeling that directs my next step.
I can believe beyond what I see and create magic in my future
Or I can create pain be seeing only what is and enforcing more of the same
I have the power to make worlds as I think them if I allow my emotions to believe them!
And you have the power to create in this same way – and you’re doing it every day.
So let me ask you to look around. What is it you are creating? Is it wanted?
If you take responsibility for what you see, you have the power to create differently.


No one wants to be stilled – not really.
What is precious about an idle thing?
What value do we ascribe to dormancy?
We say, “oh how solid is that weakness,
How sullied and forlorn – how useless!”
And we hold a sense of pity and of pride
Against such transitory states,
(as though we never knew them for ourselves).
No great and broken thing was ever transformed
But by the Gentle Hand of Healing and the
Willingness to be stilled.
Restoration comes not from idle work nor restless busyness.
But by Mercy, Love, Grace and Rest.
Fruitless things to those who never Trust.

Operating System

…….…………….Factory Reset

Today was light, and full of fragrants sweet
The winged clouds made winds for the birds
And I watched them soaring in delight,
Their music never touched my heart,
Nor did those sites or smells of loveliness
I stared past them with little interest – unseeing
I was too busy lying in my hammock full of thoughts
As still as I appeared, my world was a torrent
All that beauty rolling past – And Me
Trapped in the wickedness of my own mind
Wasting it.

There is a channel, so deep, perhaps bottomless
When thoughts run cold and harsh and cruel
Standing there before it every time –
I could jump – Into that nothingness
I would find myself there – waiting to be found
One click – would free the mouse from the rats race
I haven’t found this out just yet, or I’m not ready
I merely stop and gape warily into the emptiness
I have been made comfortable by these notions
Albeit harsh and cruel – they help me feel
Justified – Where I make enemies, I am blameless.

What is this malware that has infected me?
This hate, jealousy, envy, greed, malice – this deception
I came with clear and precise intent – with Love
I came empty of all lies – I came knowing Truth
Not as one has knowledge of say, this thing or that –
No. I knew Truth as One knows Breath, yet
Now it fades into the background – I watch it as it goes
Like the slow draping of the veil – and Me
Shrouding myself within it as though it be my comforter
I have loved my lies; they have offered me greatness
I can stand upon them and be above all else that is.

All along those bugs were hidden in that apple – yet we eat
Stuck in our illusions we take our bytes daily – running
The programs written by others while we
Hide in sleep mode – our own creative energy
Charging someone else’s PC – In a binary world
And no firewall for protection – just
Garbage in – garbage out – boringly – blindly – until we freeze
Then Ctrl Alt Delete – Close – Restart
Up and running again – This is not our race
There was a time we had no faulty Operating System
May we flip the switch and return to ourselves……….Factory Reset



Heavens Rained Down

I watched the sprinkler as it click clicked to the right
Then it swung in an arch and went left in great flight
As that water sprayed down and it moistened the earth
Which had just been bone dry and hampered by dearth
A small blade of grass in its death had been bent
But now reaching upward it made its ascent
And I mused as a watched and I smiled with a nod
For I too had been parched and forlorn like that sod
And just when I thought I would die where I lay
The heavens rained down and drove darkness away