Mother Earth

The smoke, it fills every particle of space
Turning the blue sky into a pasty ash
It is a blanket dropped upon us on
This, a hot summer’s day
And we are throttled beneath it
I think of the woman who was overburdened with her brood
The one who sent her children rolling into the lake
How taxed she must have been to do this awful thing
And so it happens all the time – by different means
Drowning – Suffocation – Beating
Hurricane – Fire – Pestilence
And I ask myself, who is mimicking who?

Power of Belief

Reality = Belief² + Intention

You are creating your life, and this is how You are doing it.
It would be wise to look at your beliefs and question them.
You have far more Power then You have previously believed.


Ode to the American Flag


Ode to the bipartisan waves
Of that old red white and blue
Is it her shining glory that paves
Or her stars and stripes in us imbue
Has freedom been the grace that saves
Have our compassionate hearts rung true
Or shall we go forever divided to our graves
With no regard for how or why she flew

~~ My Own Beauty

How closely knit were we
Who shared but one garment
When in me, you saw yourself
And felt at ease in your image
It mattered not that I felt ill
In your chosen skin
Only that I Be for you an affirmation
Yet when I got tired of showing you
Just how lovely you were
You were horrified to learn
That I had a beauty all my own

My Christmas Dream

It was by a creek deep in a wood
When first that lofty sound I heard
And long there I who fastly stood
Strained to hear that fading word

And all about me clothed in white
Each emerald point adorned and laced
With scarves of moss draped in delight
As though those noble firs be chaste

And tracing tracks left in the snow
The furry forest round about me drew
Encircling me there in that moons glow
All eyes on the owl as it flew

High atop some branch did it perch
A steeple of green boughs made clear
And all God’s creatures in a wooded church
Drenched by the Love that drew us near

And I was alight there on that eve
With Christmas just a morn away
Mere men and beast both plaited in a weave
As that great bird from his high stay

Cried “Who” and yet for me I knew
That each of us are but One gleam
Of earthly Light trenched in a pew
Though we Be God set in a dream


~~ My Christmas wish is that you know, as Jesus did, that You and the Father are One.
John 10:30

The Greenscape

I think the place where I touch god is green
I close my eyes and I Am there
Safe in the silence – no damaging thoughts allowed
There will come a day when I will stay in the greenscape
At home with all the other earthly souls who come to rest
For now I take my moments here and there
Enjoying my own little garden of eden

Challenge Your Beliefs

People do not see you as you are
They project onto you visions of themselves
And then they either accept or reject you based on
Their ability to accept or reject those aspects of themselves

Be careful of your judgments, they are sign posts that always point back to you. If you are wise you will learn to read them clearly, and you will know what adjustments your soul is asking you to make. Your strength lies in your perception, which is under the control of your choices, which are made based on your thoughts, which flow right out of your beliefs. If you can get to the heart of your beliefs and challenge them, you will learn the magic of changing your world.

An Amusing Cat Story

I woke up this morning with a large case of dread
And I jumped with start and flew right out of bed
While standing there dumbly with crust in my eye
I cracked open the curtain and looked up at the sky
Above my stained window a loud vulture flew
As it circled a carcass that lay dusted with dew
And nary a thought did enter my head
‘for that big bird dived down laying into the dead
And I screeched when I saw that fur plucked away
An eyeball tossed high in the tall grass it lay
When a second fowl creature made its descent
More pieces and bits of scattered cat went
And I dropped like a fly descending on shit
Banging my head on the wall as I hit
That high carpet shag did not grace my fall
Still I rose to my knees and was able to crawl
Down the hall I did go rising up to my feet
First a walk then a run barely skipping a beat
And there on the sofa my old black cat lay
Upon seeing me yawned as if mocking the fray
And he jumped from his spot in that old dusty chair
Rubbing up on my leg looking up with a stare
And I swear if ever a thing I did know
That fucking damn cat was amused by the show!

Shari Lynn

Manmade heaven

That damn rooster
he crows for me
every time I betray myself

I will learn to listen
those undeniable calls
from my slumber arouse

Jesus is a metaphor
for the mystical indwelling
of spirit that Lives within

And yet the gods
are chewed to pulp
and fed back to me as though holy

To pass this way
again is a true travesty
no manmade heaven will hold me


Do not comfort me with your beliefs
Your self made prisons will never hold me
My wings were never made to be tied
If I can unbind you with my Love
I will surely try, and perhaps
We will fly free together – otherwise
I have gotten very good at goodbyes

angel bird