Yesterday Lingers Still

(a before and happily ever after)

I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows
from angry words.
Her tormentor;
An empty bottle
looming over her.
The broken glass.
The shattered pots.
A green leaf floating slowly down.
Time stops, as it makes its way to the soiled floor
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until the bottle steals away the hour once more.


I have seen her there
behind the couch,
hiding in the shadows,
and at first I am afraid.
But then her laughter brings me back.
Soft spoken lullabies.
Scattered toys.
Boo! She yells,
and runs across the crisp clean floor.
A race ensues.
I win, grasping her in my arms
with a crash of silence.
A tear falls.
All is quiet for a while.
Until her laughter steals away the hour once more.

The Gleaning

To those of us who walk by faith, not sight,
Amidst the watching souls, though doubting still,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Their crippled wings do claim from most His flight.
Yet wiser hearts do follow perfect will,
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight.

While treasure sought for gain’s a weary plight,
The Truth is buried in that costly thrill,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Our worlds so slowly spinning out of right,
This gleaning of the soul to He who’ll till
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight.

Self-made fires blaze in a blackened night!
He who devours, pleasures there — until,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

True passion is the wick He does ignite!
In our weakness, His strength He does reveal,
To those of us who walk by faith, not sight,
We answer to the calling of the Light!

Power to Create

I have manifested all sorts of energies
The entire spectrum have I crossed
Each step of my own choosing
Every lesson gleaned for the gain
In darkness I found sorrow and reaped compassion
It was there I learned to love myself unconditionally
In light there is joy abounding making charity easy
And I learned that giving was in actuality receiving
I danced in the energies, every one “good and bad”
And there found the power of my soul
I yielded gratitude to the darkness and sorrow became my friend
I bid it well and rode the light back to joy and found bliss
And I came away with a wisdom found only by experience
It was always me. Moving me. I have the power to decide.
Every thought creates a feeling that directs my next step.
I can believe beyond what I see and create magic in my future
Or I can create pain be seeing only what is and enforcing more of the same
I have the power to make worlds as I think them if I allow my emotions to believe them!
And you have the power to create in this same way – and you’re doing it every day.
So let me ask you to look around. What is it you are creating? Is it wanted?
If you take responsibility for what you see, you have the power to create differently.

The Agreement

Thousands of ME’s
From Infant to Old
Illusions of form that I chose
That I might traverse this place
All the way from Birth to Death
That I happily bequeathed
To Myself before coming
Let Me not forget that
I agreed to Love them All

Behind the Veil

My eyes are made to see the worlds things
My vision is made to see what lies beyond
I can conceive of it only in the well of my Being
When the mind and body are stilled
I move out of the illusion and into eternity
Where all that has been dreamed awaits Me
Where both heaven and hell are Mine for the taking

~ It’s the same for you, even though you are unaware.

The Song of the Sun

The sun found me hiding behind the window
It crept up and peaked in with its golden rays
Not even my closed eyelids could keep it out
With a smile I greeted it and it gave in return
The promise of warmth and a new day
Reminding me that it was mine to create
All energy is boundless – I Am Free
My spirit knows all too well and is singing
This – The Song of the Sun


All truth lays hidden in your mind
Be it bad or be it good – it is there
Conceiving itself as a seedling, forming
Until birth into the very existence of your life
And you perceiving it – judge it –
The very thing that you made
Without realizing that it was you
Who formed and created it
And I have noticed that most
Take credit for all they deem as good
But instead place blame for all they deem as bad
And in doing so – give all their power away

My Father and I

He didn’t see me when he came
Stepping across the blacktop pushing
His walker with quick careful steps
I watched him many times this way
From high atop my ivory tower
Collecting his water and his beer
It was the job we gave him – to keep him young
We didn’t ask much more of him than this
Yet he gave far more than we ever knew
A selfless sacrifice of sorts
The pain of which he covered with drink
And some begrudged him of it – yet I often
Wondered, what did he owe us?
Who was this man who we called father
Whose heart fought a battle every day
Who made a hero of that which quenched his fear
Making scared men brave and silent men boisterous
And who was it who was selfish really?
We wanted it to be him – the one who drowned himself daily
In his golden glass with chinks of ice and yellow courage
His only faithful friend, Lord Calvert and
Me watching from my window seeing anew
Behind my judgment – his pain
Mere flesh and bone and blood
Memories and life and heartache – the hammering
Of unkindness and calloused unlovingness
With no place for unconditional Love to swell and rise
Or flow or Be – who could we have been had we not hidden
Ourselves away like we needed to be protected by our Lords
Nestled in our husks and made to tremble instead of grow
With a gasp and a quiver – it hit me like a jolt
It was me that I watched – that I judged
Pushing down my pain with words instead of whisky
Wanting Love as I hid behind my ego and my anger claiming I
Was a better one than he – though same we Be
Together we watched and pushed and drank and wrote
And felt unloved, unworthy, unaccepted — until
We disappeared behind the gate with a clink of the latch
And tears streamed as Love found us there – My Father and I