All truth lays hidden in your mind
Be it bad or be it good – it is there
Conceiving itself as a seedling, forming
Until birth into the very existence of your life
And you perceiving it – judge it –
The very thing that you made
Without realizing that it was you
Who formed and created it
And I have noticed that most
Take credit for all they deem as good
But instead place blame for all they deem as bad
And in doing so – give all their power away

Heaven Downed

There is a mastery that heaven downed
Layered beneath these dusty sheathes of skin
And only in the mind can it be found!

Unrighteousness as if it did abound
As though the veil torn yet still be thin
That is a mastery that heaven downed!

Yet some say lost is lost until it’s found
I say there can be no such thing as sin
For only in the mind can it be found!

Our judgments spurn us as they flip around
Each razors back and cuts deep with its spin
Yet we can master this that heaven downed!

You are your Thoughts so use them to astound
Then watch as Love makes better ways for men
But first it’s in the mind THIS MUST BE FOUND!

Or watch us die by every thorn we’ve crowned
‘Cause what is out first starts with what’s within
And this the mastery that heaven downed
Will be our fate if in our minds not found!